Profiting With Membership Sites
Course Resources Page

Here on this page you will find all the links to any downloads or links referenced to in the lessons. You should visit this page every week, especial after a lesson replay has been posted for any new updates.

Membership Site Secrets Download
This is the course created by Aaron Danker that I mentioned during the announcements that everyone should download and setup for sale on one of your websites. You DO NOT need a separate domain name for this product just set it up on one of your other domains into a sub-folder for now. You will come back to this product after the class lessons have been made available for resale so that you can finalize getting this product up for sale.

Click Here To Download Membership Site Secrets

Various Standalone Membership Site Scripts You Can Use

Easy Membership Site Creator
This is my own software I developed for creating membership sites using ordinary product sales and download pages. You can use this to create a membership site from scratch you would just need to use your HTML editor to create the sales page and download first before running this software.

Click Here To Download Easy Membership Site Creator

Member-Fire is a CGI script based membership site script that was released a while back by Ian Del-Carmine. It uses a basic htpasswd type authentication and is great for a basic “get it done” members area.

Click Here To Download Member-Fire

Sales Page Creator
This is my software that I created to generate the basics of a salespage. You will have to take the generated page it creates and edit it with an HTML editor to change colors and add images. This software creates a “Mark Joyner” style salespage but as I said needs to be edited before you can use it live.

Click Here To Download Salespage Creator

Sales Letter Creator
This is the software that Jeremy Burns released with one of his source code goldmine sales way back when. It also creates a “Mark Joyner” style salespage but for the most part if you take your time going through the software creates a page that is ready to upload and use right away. I would recommend using this software over the one I created.

Click Here To Download Sales Letter Creator

Headline Creator Pro
This software is a lifesaver. I use this all the time when I’m stuck for creating good headlines or want to do split testing of headlines.

Click Here To Download Headline Creator Pro